Monday, April 15, 2013

spring greetings from the Herrles

With the beautiful spring weather we enjoyed today, winter has surely passed, and it is time to update you on the progress that Lydia is making.  We thank you for your continued prayers.
We have had a good winter.  We have enjoyed family time together.
Lydia continues to work hard, with a joyful spirit and keen determination.  She has moments where she gets discouraged, but they typically don't last very long.  She is more steady with her walking, and her balance is improving.  This summer will not see her return to soccer - not yet!  First, she needs to be able to balance on one foot, in order to kick the ball, and she needs to relearn how to run!  She also needs to regain much strength and endurance.  Her swimming has improved incredibly over the winter, ( it's been great therapy ) and she no longer needs a flotation belt to complete her laps in the pool.   
Lydia's schedule has remained steady through the winter, with continued treatments from her OT, her SLP, and her PT.  As well, she receives home instruction in math and language from two tutors, in addition to weekly visits from a music therapist.  She has not been able to return to school yet, but she is making gains in her cognitive function.

She is able to sustain her attention for about an hour, and does not need the same amount of sleep, as previously.  She still rests regularly, but now about 20 minutes of quiet is all she needs.  Her night time sleep is still regularly interrupted with wakeful periods, where her brain is working over time.  Every night, she prays for a full night's rest.  We invite you to join her, and us, in these prayers.  All of her abilities are hindered when she is tired.
In January, Lydia's Occupational Therapist taught her to make macrame bracelets, to help with her fine motor control.  This activity has been ongoing therapy for Lydia, and she is quite industrious.  She has taught her siblings and her cousins to make them as well.  She also enjoys the art work she does as part of her OT sessions.

We continue to know the mercy and strength that the Lord provides for us daily.  We have enjoyed some new songs this winter, to lead us in worship, and to usher us into the deeper peace that only the Lord can give.

Check out Meredith Andrew's Not For A Moment, and Over Me, or Kari Jobe's Come to Me.

Psalm 25:1,5
In you, Lord my God, I put my trust.
Guide me in your truth and teach me,
for you are God my Saviour, and my HOPE is in you all day long.

 May your hope rest firmly in Him each day.