Monday, December 3, 2012

Last night, Lydia and some friends, along with our family, entered a "Thank you for praying for Lydia" float in the New Hamburg Christmas parade.  It was fun, festive and frantic!  Lydia began writing her memoir about it today, so I don't want to give any details away.  It had comical and heart warming moments for us all. 
This Saturday, we plan to participate in the St. Agatha Christmas parade.  Events like these, take a lot out of Lydia, so she has to rest for most of the day.
We are settlilng into our new normal - routines of therapy, rest and school for Lydia; and as a family, learning how our together time needs to be shaped in order to accommodate Lydia's special needs. 
We are grateful for the incredible prayer support we have received.  We would appreciate your continued prayers, specifically for rest for Lydia.  Some days, she is tired, but can't find sleep or the quiet space of rest.  Her brain is over processing, and analyzing; buzzing with thoughts, but not rest.  Like any of us, when we are over tired, she then struggles to do her therapy, to concentrate when it is required, and to feel well.  We pray for rest and renewal.