Sunday, May 27, 2012

medical update May 27

Lydia had a restful night.  She has had more eye movements and stronger movements with her arms and legs.  She had a CT scan at 11:00 this morning.  Her ICP has been unclamped all day to alleviate pressure when it gets too high.  Her fever continues to be the biggest daily battle.  Her temperature was normal for most of the day, until it started to rise in the early evening.  When it is elevated, her blood pressure and heart rate are also elevated, so her nurses work to cool her with ice packs, and then slow her heart rate with morphine.  The morphine, while effective as a pain killer, is inhibitive to some of her next steps in her recovery. She continues to have an infection in her chest that they are battling with several different antibiotics.  Pray that these are effective, and that her temperature stabilizes and holds at normal.