Saturday, May 26, 2012

update on Lydia's health today

Today they clamped Lydia's ICP, so that it cannot release pressure.  They continue to monitor the pressure, but they want to see how she does without the drainage tube operational.  She is still feverish- it goes up and down, but is still a concern.  They drew cultures this morning which they are analyzing to see if perhaps another antibiotic would be more effective.  Given these conditions, they will not extubate her today.  Tomorrow they will do another CT scan of the brain to see how she has progressed.  Right now, she is laying with ice packs around her to try to cool her.  Her abrasions and her "road rash" on her lower back is healing well.  We are thankful that she had her backpack fully on both shoulders as she exited the bus, as we think this saved her back from extensive scrapes.  She has been quiet today.