Friday, May 25, 2012

Update May 25

Welcome to our first blog.  We will try to update you regularly on this journey with Lydia. Thank you all for your prayers, and various expressions of love.  We are blessed to be surrounded by such a community of support.  
Lydie bug, as we used to affectionately call her, has had a quiet day in her ICU room.  They cut her morphine dosage in half and she seems to be handling it well. Less sedation means more movements. This afternoon her fever went up and wouldn't come down with cooling or ice packs, and with all the shivering, her blood pressure, heart rate, and brain pressure ICP, also went up.  They gave her muscle relaxants to calm her.  Consequently,  they did not extubate her today.
The doctor said she had her most purposeful movement yet this evening.  Hooray!  When the doctor applied pressure to the nerves in her shoulder, she localized the pain, and moved purposefully with her hand to stop the pain. 
I spoke this morning with a good friend who specializes in rehab for children who have suffered brain injuries.  She told me that a coma is the body's natural response to severe trauma, and that when Lydia is sufficiently healed and can handle consciousness, she will emerge from the coma.  We hope she will not be comatose for long,  but she may be.  We invite you to pray for God's complete healing in her.  He created her and knit her together, so He knows best how to knit her back together again.  
We are grateful to be able to lean on each other, and even more grateful for the peace that passes all understanding.
James & Michelle 
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