Friday, November 2, 2012

Green Ribbons holding life

In yesterday's post, I forgot to tell you what Lydia thought of the ribbon waving: "It was very, very, very, very, very fun!"  And again this morning, she awoke saying how great it was!  Yes, she was still tuckered out today, so we tried to rest more.  She was always ready to talk about who she saw yesterday, or what she felt.  I was struck by her statement that she "wanted to hug all of the little children".  It reminded me of Jesus' words about letting the children come to Him, because the kingdom of heaven belongs to little ones .....

As lime green ribbons have been taken down around our community, often with gratitude and celebration, we have received two wonderful emails that we want to share.  It seems these lime green ribbons have been sheltering life in their own way.

"We just have to share something with you. Last week, when I was raking leaves, I noticed something hanging from our green ribbon. It was a chrysalis - an empty one! Which, of course, means that some caterpillar found shelter and safety in Lydia's ribbon and used it as a place to transform into a beautiful butterfly!"

"As I removed my green ribbon from my tree, there was a thick line of green moss underneath it.  A reminder from God, that although the ribbon is coming down, continue to pray."

Thank you for your continued prayers.  Thank you for the green ribbons that have encouraged us, and heralded many prayers for Lydia over the past five and a half months.  We believe that God will continue to heal Lydia and work in her.  We continue to pray for a full recovery.

November 1 has long marked a new season in our lives, because we annually close our Farm Market on October 31.  November brings less intense work responsibilities and commitments.  It brings more family time, and a more gentle pace.  It ushers in rest.  As the land rests, after yielding its crops, we rest after our hard labour.
Lydia's homecoming ushers in a new season in her recovery too.  She is at home full time, with her family.  Our divided life has come to an end.  No more daily trips back and forth to Toronto.  No more separation from the boys.  No more hospital food (this is a big thing that Lydia continues to be thankful for!), and no more institutional noise and routines to follow.  Lydia regularly says how thankful she is to be at home.
Yes, this November brings a new season to our lives, in many wonderful ways.