Monday, November 12, 2012

We love it when Lydia is joyful, bright, and light hearted, and we were happy to see her return to this demeanor yesterday and today.  She recovered from her cold, and was feeling much better.  True to her sensitive nature, she apologized for insisting that she might not wake up.
On Sunday, she was able to visit with close friends over lunch, and when she came home, she reported to me, "I even ate with my right hand".  We regularly encourage her to eat with her right hand, or do any task she would have done previously, with her right hand.  This is hard work.  Her right hand shakes, and eating can become very messy and frustrating.  No teenager wants food to be flying across the table, especially if you are the guest!  Actually, some teens (I'm thinking of Sam in a couple of years!) might think it fun, but not Lydia!  She is very sensitive to appearing or acting different.  She chose to have lunch the "right way" or the therapeutic way, although that is the hard way.  We congratulated her on this decision and her success.  She knows that practice makes perfect.  Is it any wonder we are inspired by her drive to improve?
Today, Lydia was telling everyone she saw or talked to, so she would want us to tell you, that she can stand up on her own, and walk by herself.   She no longer needs to have arms on a chair to push herself up, or have someone help to lift her up.   She is steady and strong enough to do it on her own.  In our home, she is able to walk around unassisted.  We are usually within arm's reach of her, in case she loses her balance, but we are not right at her side, or supporting her all the time, like we used to be.  When she is tired, she needs help, and when she is exhausted, she is not too old to still enjoy piggy back rides up the stairs!

This evening, Ben was singing a song with lyrics "we could be starving, we could be homeless, we could be broke".   Lydia heard this line, and asserted - "it wouldn't matter if you knew Jesus.  He'd be with you all the time."  Her faith is inspiring.