Saturday, November 10, 2012

Lydia awoke this morning, feeling somewhat better, stronger and most notably, hopeful again.  She apologized a few times to us for disagreeing with us yesterday, and asserting that she didn't believe that she was getting better.  (Remember yesterday she thought she might not recover from her cold!)
In general, Lydia is very sensitive to anything she has said or done, that may have hurt another person or been inaccurate.  She has a heightened sense of right and wrong, and wants to set all things right -especially when she perceives there have been hurts.  She repeatedly wants to apologize, sometimes for seemingly insignificant things.    She does apologize, but then she forgets that she has, and somedays, it is difficult helping her to remember that she has apologized, and to release the matter entirely.  She fixates on these things.
Fixation is common with a brain injury.  It happens.  For awhile, she was fixated on food, constantly hungry and wondering what there was to eat.  This food fixation may have coincided along with a growth spurt, because she did eat a lot, but it has disappeared.  She eats regular meals now, and is not complaining of hunger all the time.