Tuesday, November 13, 2012

 Tonight we were enjoying a delicious dinner made by a dear friend, whose husband is a prolific hunter.  It was a stew of meat, potatoes and vegetables.  As we were eating, I mused out loud as to what kind of meat was in the stew.  I suspected it was venison but couldn't be sure. Without missing a beat, Lydia piped up, "once it's in the pot, it's all beef."  This is quote from one of her favourite books, The Hunger Games, in which the heroine supplies all manner of game to the local soup maker who feeds the starving townsfolk. Lydia's quick response surprised us all.  Her eyes glittered with glee as we praised her quick mind.   We view it as another sign that her mind is healing and new pathways are being formed.  She continues to work hard to reach her goals.  Her day was filled with therapy and rest, lunch and rest, tutoring then rest.  Sleep well.