Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Today, Lydia and I were able to attend the last hour of WEday at the Auditorium!  What an inspiring experience that was!  We heard Liz Murray share her incredible story.  She was homeless, and yet was able to graduate from Harvard.  Although orphaned, she was surrounded by a community who supported her, cared for her, and helped her.  It caused me to think about how we have been surrounded, supported, cared for, and helped.  Thank you.
She encouraged us to be grateful for what we have, because everything we have, we could easily not have.  Yes!  This statement rang so true.  Lord, thank you for our children, our health, our families, our friends, our homes, our schools, our community, this country we live in.   Thank you for all that you give to us to enjoy.  Every good and perfect gift comes from you.
She challenged us to not let what we can't do, interfere with what we can do!  This pierced my heart for Lydia.  I was thankful that this spirit of resilience is in Lydia; that she doesn't let a trembling right hand keep her from eating with it, or printing shaky letters and words.
In the WEday finale, Marc and Craig Kielburger, spoke about the Three Laws of Social Change.  As they talked about law #1, The Power of the Few, they mentioned Lydia.  They spoke about what an inspiration she is to so many people, and how she illustrates that one person can impact many.  Lydia smiled at this.  She wants to be the change in her community - pointing people to Jesus, and His love.
At the end, she was on her feet, trying to jump in time to the music and clap her hands over her head, along with the auditorium full of energized youth.  She didn't want the ear phones I had brought to help her cope with all of the noise.  She assured me, "It's ok, I've been to WEday before, I know how crazy it can get!"  Then she smiled and tried to jump again.