Friday, November 16, 2012

Lydia is still feeling the effects of Wednesday's excitement at WeDay.  She is tired and needing to rest more.  It seems to be that in the days following a big event, she is particularly tired.  While she is progressing in her capacity, it is still very small, compared to what it once was.
When we look at a calendar, we can't believe that tomorrow, November 17, marks the 6 month mark in this journey.  Where has the time gone?  Half a year!  We are grateful for the provision, love and support we have received, over the past half year, and we know that it will continue, in different ways.  God has met us powerfully, and we have known the peace that passes understanding.  Our hearts are forever changed, forever drawn deeper into the intimacies of walking by faith.  But, the journey is long, and the journey is hard.  Yes, there is peace, and there is joy, and beauty, and hope; but it is still a difficult path to walk.
I have continued to suffer from a sore throat and cold this past week.  I need to take a break from many things - blogging is one that I have chosen to rest from for a few days. So, may you have a good, and restful weekend too.