Saturday, July 21, 2012

In a conversation with a nurse, I was informed that they do not talk in terms of levels of coma at Holland Bloorview, rather in terms of levels of cognitive functioning. Accordingly, Lydia is no longer in a coma!  While we had hoped this would be a mystical moment of awakening, it is instead a process of transformation, where we continue to trust the Lord for his care of, and his plans for Lydia.
At Holland Bloorview, and at other rehab centers, they use the Rancho Los Amigos Scale which gives eight levels of cognitive functioning that are used by rehabilitation professionals to describe the patterns or stages of recovery typically seen after a brain injury.  Lydia moves between Cognitive levels three, a localized response and level four, confused and agitated.  Detailed information on this scale is available at
We have seen progress in Lydia's attention span this week.  She has moments where she is awake, alert, reactive, and responsive to her environment. Her smiles and inaudible laughter continue to delight us, and encourage us to know that our girl is still in there, and she will continue to emerge, as she is able.
We have been blessed to connect with a mother who has walked a similar path to ours.  She and her son have touched our hearts.  Check out
Today, she sent the followoing chorus to encourage us to Trust.  
Day by day,
and with each passing moment, 
STRENGTH I find to meet my trials here.
TRUSTING in my Father's wise bestowment 
there's no need for worry or for fear.