Sunday, July 8, 2012

Over the weekend, Lydia has had visits from some aunts, uncles and cousins who have not seen her for a few weeks.  Each one has been amazed at how good she looks!  She is gaining back a bit of the weight she lost, and she has a healthy glow to her skin.  No tan for Lydia this year, but given the sunburn her younger brother has, that is just as well!  She is gaining strength for sitting, and was in her wheel chair a couple of times today.
We understand that Lydia will have to relearn everything.  She is in her infancy.  She has started to be curious and feel things with her fingers.  When we hold her hand, she moves her fingers around, almost like a caress.  If we give her a sensory toy, like you would give to a baby, she feel it.  She had many smiles this weekend, and general contentment. 
We hope that she will get to Bloorview this week.  She is ready for more intensive rehabilitation.  We are weary of drives to Toronto, but know that it is just for a season.  We are spoiled by living and working on the farm; we step out the door and we are at work.  We know nothing of commuting. 
We have another song to share.  One that we first heard a few weeks ago, and its beautiful melody and lyrics have stayed close at hand.  It is called Image Of God by Christa Wells and Nicole Witt.

Image of God


Bare feet stepping on glass

We break along life's paths

Our fear and loss, we bring it all to you

Soul-breather, making all things new

You're making all things new

We come in pieces

We come in fragments

We come discolored

To the foot of the cross

Our Maker sees us

All that we have been

Bonds us together

The Image of God

Clay vessels molded for His own

Shall we question him who holds

And shapes us, for His perfect use

Soul-breather, making all things new

You're making all things new


Soil breaking for the seed

Seed breaking for the life

His life broken for the soul

We are remade whole, remade whole