Sunday, July 22, 2012

Sing the Journey

Today was a good day for Lydia, and for us.  She rested well and enjoyed more bird's songs, warmth and wind.  If it is too hot, we cannot take Lydia outdoors, as she has difficulty regulating temperatures, due to the brain injury.  The shade of a beautiful tree is a great spot to spend time together on a Sunday afternoon.  
Today we counted our blessings, and were thankful again, to be where we are. Lydia is still with us, and we have hope, as we trust in God. 
We have received countless cards, notes and well wishes.  Thank you for sharing with us, praying for us, and caring for us.  We want to share with you a blessing that we received, and loved.  It is by Patricia Shelly in a work entitled:  Sing the journey.  That is what I want to do: sing this journey.  Sing in joy.  Sing in sadness.  Sing in fear and uncertainty.  
Psalm 108:1 God, my heart is secure.  I will sing and make music to you with all my heart.
We often sing to and over Lydia.  We look forward to when her voice will join ours.  We leave you with this blessing

The Lord lift you up,
the Lord take your hand,
the Lord lead you forth, 
and cause you to stand,
secure in God's word,
seeking God's face,
abounding in love,
abiding in grace.
 by Patricia Shelly from "Sing the Journey"