Saturday, July 28, 2012

Saturday July 28

We just noticed that blogposts have not been posting since Wednesday, so I hope this brings you up to speed. 
Lydia has had a good day today. She is moving a lot, (sometimes controlled and sometimes not), and she loves to stretch out on the large therapeutic mats. They are like gymnastics tumbling mats, so plenty of cushion, and yet firm enough to be supportive when she pushes to sit up or to stabilize herself in a sit. She is making great progress in this, and we are cheering her on. It is closely akin to the cheerleading parents do with their toddlers as they learn new "tricks". She also was into the water today, and she loved that. As she was supported in a float, she was encouraged to stretch from side to side, wiggling like a snake - in therapeutic recreation terms, it is called water dancing. Sound like something Lydia would like!

Yesterday Lydia worked hard, and so did we. Exhaustion was ours at the end of the day.

Lydia is very facially expressive, so even though we do not have a communication "yes" and "no", we can often gauge Lydia emotions by her face. Today, in some anxious, furrowed brow moments, when she was looking at her wheel chair, I soothed her by saying, "You are going to be fine. You will walk again, and talk again, and run, and leap and sing .... You are recovering. There was an accident, but it wasn't your fault. When you were getting off the school bus, you were hit by a truck. But you are healthy, and getting better every day. Jesus is taking care of you. He is always with you. You don't ever need to be afraid." She understood what I was telling her, because her face contorted, and she began to cry when I told her about the accident. I hugged her, blinked back my own tears, and reassured her.

A few hours later, I was blessed to open a card, and read this:

"And most of all, I pray that Lydia will recover from this, with nothing but a great story of a very long conversation and visit with God!

Miracles happen, and I believe Lydia is a miracle in progress."

This is the perspective we want, that Jesus is tenderly whispering to her, encouraging her and strengthening her, as he works his transformation in her.