Friday, July 20, 2012

Lydia had a very good therapy session this morning.  She is working on sitting up, and it requires a lot of balance and muscular strength!  SSL - Stay strong Lydia, is appropriate, because she has to be strong to push her body to learn these things again. 
Lydia continues to do more taste stimulations, under the guidance of her therapists.  They put a very small amount of a soft food like yogurt, or mashed potatoes with gravy, on a spoon, and put it to her mouth.  She then has to open her mouth, curve it around the spoon, push the food to the back of her mouth with her tongue, and then tuck her chin down to swallow.  We all do this without thinking, whenever we eat.  It is hard work for Lydia.  We can also easily lick our teeth or our lips to clean them.  Lydia struggles to do this.  She has to rewire her brain to do it, and she will.  She is making slow but steady progress.  Therapy will be a significant part of Lydia's life for the next year or two. 
When you consider where we have been in the last two months, we are thankful to be at this spot in her recovery.
Praise God from whom all blessings flow ...