Saturday, July 28, 2012

Thursday July 26

Lydia was fitted with her last set of casts today - lime green, and they were cut off immediately and bi valved, which means they can be put on and off. She will only wear these at night, or for extended periods in bed, as they hold her feet at close to 90 degrees. When she is in her wheel chair, she wears new high top running shoes.

Lydia had a follow up appointment at Sick Kids, in the orthopedics clinic, to xray her clavicle today. It is healing. She has a shortening or displacement of 1.4, and anything under 2 is acceptable. We are thankful for this report, and that she is healing without the need for surgical intervention.

While Grandma and Grandpa were with Lydia today, we were at home and were encouraged by the support of our community in many ways. We received a gift from a nearby neighbourhood community association; we attended the Laurelwood Dairy Queen fundraiser for Lydia, where the turnout was incredible; we had a fresh meal delivered to us; we joined in our son's parents vs kids soccer game, and at the end, all of the players were given lime green wrist bands, team photos, and lime green soccer bags that say "Be Strong". How beautifully we are cared for by our community. Thank you.