Monday, July 23, 2012

Today we signed Lydia up for Holland Bloorview's therapy swim program, and tonight she entered the very warm waters of the therapy pool.  She enjoyed it.  Although she cannot communicate her thoughts with us, I imagine the water to be very freeing, especially when you are stuck in a body that cannot move with the grace and ease it once did.  Today in Lydia's physio therapy session, she reacted with the emotion of crying (but there are no tears and no sound - just the facial contortions).  We think these were "tears" of frustration because she could not do what she perhaps thought she would be able to do: stand up.  Part way through, she realized how hard it was to stand, even with the help of two therapists, and she cried.  Until we can establish some communication with Lydia, it is all guess work.  Please pray that Lydia's cognitive function improves so that we can "hear" from her and care for her better.  By hearing, we don't mean actually hearing her voice, as speech is a complex task that she will need considerable time to relearn.  We mean, being able to ask her questions, and then receive a definite  yes or no response.  Pray for communication.  Thank you.
Today, we also had a family meeting, where all of Lydia's therapists at Holland Bloorview, and her medical team, sat around a table to discuss their treatment plans for Lydia.  It was encouraging to hear their goals, and intended steps towards achieving them. 
I have been listening to Kari Jobe's album Where I Find You a lot in the last few months, but heard this heart soothing song today, as if for the first time.  The beautiful melody, and the lyrics, resonated with my spirit. 
Come and rest here
Come and lay your burdens down
Come and rest here
There is refuge for you now

You'll find His peace
And know you're not alone anymore
He is near
You'll find His healing
You're heart isn't shattered anymore
He is here

Breathe in
Breathe out
You will
You will find Him here

I will rest in You

You will find Him
You will find Him here
You will find Him
Take a moment to listen to this song.  May you find Him here.