Wednesday, September 12, 2012


Lydia was given a monarch caterpillar and a tropical milkweed plant on the weekend.  We loved watching the very hungry caterpillar munch through leaves, and poop all over the place!  Lydia named her caterpillar Fatso!  Isn't that great?  We have been enjoying watching this fine creature prepare for its transformation.  We take photos of it, and send them so they can be shared with Lydia.
At Bloorview, she was remembering and telling some of her therapists and nurses that she has a caterpillar named Fatso.  Everytime she says his name, (she has decided it is a him) she breaks into a grin.
She remembered to ask James, when he went to see her last night, "How's Fatso?"  His report: Fatso is hanging upside down .  He is pupating.
Today, we couldn't believe the transformation!  Fatso formed its chrysalis.  He was still a pupa at lunch, but by 2:30, he was hidden in his chrysalis!  We continue to marvel at this wonderful creation, and await its coming beauty.
Very early on, Philippians 1:6 came to mind as we were praying: being confident of this, that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus.  Our confidence remains in the one who is continuing to transform us.
Lydia has had another good day - not quite as alert as yesterday, but still working hard.  Her OT shared with us today that the purpose of the difficult memory test is to examine how Lydia remembers things.  She is a more visual learner, as she had more clarity on the components of the test where there were pictures, or movements. 
Tonight, she exchanged her wheel chair for a wheel chair basket ball chair for evening recreation.  Wheeling it requires skill, and since she still has troubles when she tries to wheel her own chair, it was a fun but difficult evening activity.