Monday, September 24, 2012

Today was not melancholy Monday, as the last month of Mondays have been.  Lydia was happy leaving for HB this morning.  There were no tears or crying - for her or us.  We are grateful for this day.  The boys hugged and said goodbye to Lydia before they went to catch their bus.  As they dashed out the door, she was smilng, and calling out  "Have a good day at school, boys!"
Lydia was alert this morning, and showed continued signs of cognitive processing.  This was evident, even in the early morning hours!  We were so pleased that she woke us up around 4 am because she had to use the washroom.  After tucking her back into bed, she said "I know that I was hit by a truck when I was getting off the school bus, but was anyone else hurt?"  More questions followed - but they were new questions.  Up until this weekend, she could never remember what had happened, and repeatedly would ask, "What happened to me?"  Although we were not happy to be having these conversations at 4:18., 4:19, 4:20 (as Lydia kept telling us the time,until we covered the digital clock!), we were glad to see her remembering and processing.
When we asked Lydia what her favourite part of this weekend was, she exclaimed "eating!".  She does enjoy food, and eats a lot of it. She had strawberries, cereal, toast with honey, strawberries, carrots,( why not ?!) toast with peach jam, strawberries, cheese and crackers  She had about an hour long breakfast this morning!