Thursday, September 27, 2012

Lydia is home today for a long weekend.  Tomorrow she will see each of her therapists from her home team.  She has been so tired for the last several weekends, that she has not been having therapy on weekends.  This week, she has been alert, showing significant improvements with her short term memory, and she has been ambitious.  We thought it would be good for her to be challenged by her home team tomorrow.
Tonight, we had our first family outing since May 17.  We all piled into the family car and went to Waterloo Oxford District Secondary School for their outdoor movie night showing of Brave. We only stayed for 30 minutes or so but Lydia was happy to see many friends and familiar faces.  The boys stayed with their friends to watch the movie, and we brought Lydia home for, of course, another snack, and for bed time.  Often she is in bed by 8, so tonight was a late night for her!  Her smile is wide, and her eyes close instantly when her head hits her pillow.
At Sick Kids, Lydia received a Merida doll (the main character in the movie Brave) from one of her visitors, because she had to be brave in the face of her injuries and disabilities.  Our girl is brave.  She is determined to recover.  Tonight, she chose to walk, and not take her wheel chair to Waterloo Oxford, the high school that Lydia will attend.  This school had on its sign board in the spring and summer : We believe! Lydia Herrle, class of 2017.  We believe too.  It can happen.  God willing, it will happen.  He is making her new every day.