Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Lydia has had another great day!  She has been happy, positive, and hard working.  In PT, she practiced bending down to pick up bean bags from a bin at her feet, straightening up to a stand, balancing, and then throwing the bean bags into a basket ball net.  She also walked, and worked with textures on her bare feet.
In school she did some reading, and working with number blocks.  In speech, she worked on identifying people and their roles, knowing the day, month and year, and solving riddles.
Lydia's OT session today was very difficult - she had a memory test!  She was shown pictures of items, and then 5 minutes later shown another series of pictures, and she had to say which ones she had seen previously.  At the start of the session, her OT hid her water bottle in a cupboard, and instructed Lydia that when the session was over, she would have to ask for her water bottle back.  She showed her a photo of a woman, and said her name was Catherine Taylor.  Towards the end of the session, she showed her the photo again, and asked her "who is this?"  Lydia tried very hard.  It was a tricky test.
After this, she had a long nap.
Joy is truly God's gift to Lydia.  She was joyful and fun today, even laughing at jokes from yesterday and remembering them!
This morning a friend visited and brought Lydia a world map, with little red dot stickers.  The map is to visually show all of the places in the world where people are praying for Lydia.  What a fabulous idea! Lydia will see the map in her bedroom at Bloorview and be encouraged by the many people around the world who are praying for her recovery.  May this map serve to help Lydia know how great our God is, and how prayer makes a difference.  Thank you for your prayers.