Friday, September 28, 2012

We are often undone by the kindness of others. Thank you for your continued support: for meals, play dates for our boys, prayers, gifts and notes of encouragement.  For those who have cut our grass, done our laundry, cleaned, and weeded; we thank you.  Notably, our neighbour has faithfully cared for our pool all season long. (If you have a pool, you know how much work this is!)  He has given so sacrificially to our family: ensuring the pool is ready for the boys to plunge into at anytime, and for Lydia to enjoy on weekends, and he has always done this with a willing heart, and silent prayers on his lips. Lydia's accident occurred on the day we were opening the pool for the season.  This weekend, we are closing it.  We will always remember the summer of 2012, and the kindness of those who helped us through it.  For gifts such as these, we are so grateful.

Today was a bright, sunny day.  Lydia had a full day of therapy, with lots of food (have we mentioned before that she is constantly hungry?!) and rests in between, but it was a good day of steady work.  She is working on moving between a sitting and standing position, with balance, standing upright, and holding a pen properly, as well as other fine motor skills.  In communication therapy, she is learning convergent and divergent thinking, associations, sequencing and elaboration.  We are grateful for the fine team of private therapists who are a key part of Lydia's home team.  

This evening, as we watched some Canadian geese fly in formation overhead, and heard their noisy honk, we remembered that geese flying in formation can achieve about 70% more distance than one bird flying solo.  And so it is with people.  We do not walk this journey alone or unsupported.  We are cheered on, held up and strengthened.  We are grateful for the community that surrounds us,  and grateful to God for his provision to us, in you.  We count our blessings as we fall asleep tonight.