Thursday, September 27, 2012

Lydia's short term memory is improving. Today, as soon as she was finished school, she asked Grandpa, "Can we go to Tim Horton's?" There is a Tim's kiosk in the hospital. She remembered that Grandma and Grandpa often take her for a smoothie and a Boston Cream donut at the end of her school day. (Now we know why Lydia is gaining weight around her middle!!!) Lydia is also remembering who has visited her, or who she has seen or met. Her nurses are delighted that she remembers their names.

This morning, before breakfast Lydia didn't want to go for a walk, like she usually does, she wanted to go for a run! Then she thought she wanted to do some hurdles! She does not lack ambition, just balance and coordination! James tried to facilitate this request, but they both ended up on the ground after the attempt. Lydia requires support walking, so it was a short lesson in the need to be able to walk before she can run. The dream of seeing her run and play soccer is perhaps in her heart too.

This morning, I texted to James "I love you, James Herrle!" Lydia read my text and asked James to type a reply for her: "I love you, Michelle Herrle, who is married to James Herrle, who is my dad." Cherished words. It is life giving to be able to communicate, to give and receive.

We observed Lydia pulling her bed covers up over herself on the weekend. This was the first we had seen of her being able to do that. Previously, we would tuck her in, and make sure her covers were over her, to keep her warm. This image has been strongly contrasted in our minds with another image, that of Lydia in ICU at Sick Kids, lying on a cooling pad, with bags of ice packed around her. She is motionless, and covered with only the smallest rectangle of sheeting - a pillow case sized cover; bare arms and legs exposed, neck in a brace, tubes in her chest, nose and head, abrasions on her toes, eyes sightless when opened to do a pupil dialation check . Contrast these two images, and you can give thanks with us, for how far our girl has come. Thank you, Lord, for hearing our prayers, and healing Lydia.

Thank you for your prayers. There is still much to regain, but much has been recovered. We celebrate this progress.