Friday, August 10, 2012


When the wheel chair van door opened, and Lydia heard James voice saying "Welcome home, Lydia", the smile on her face said it all!  Then she saw Ellie, our dog, and the smile widened.  It is so good to have Lydia at home with us!  We are grateful, grateful, grateful!
Sam sure can bring laughs to Lydia, and she smiles adoringly at Ben.  The boys love her wheel chair, and at home they feel free to take it for a spin!
Lydia enjoyed visits from family and a few close friends.  She laughed at their stories, which again encouraged us that she is cognizant.
She used the commode, and was dry all day!
When I think back to the days in Sick Kids when she couldn't hold her head up, when she was in her wheel chair, and was incapable of adjusting her position, the progress is remarkable.  She sits up very well in her wheel chair, and spends hours a day there.  There is still a long ways to go, but she has come a long ways too.  For this we are thankful.
Good night! I am going to go and peek at Lydia while she sleeps, just cause I can!  It is good to be the Herrle5 together again at home.  God is good.  We celebrate His goodness and grace to us.