Monday, August 20, 2012

To the garbage collector who sees the green ribbons and the Pray for Lydia sign and bows to pray before gathering my friend's garbage, to the boy praying that Lydia will eat Christmas dinner, to the countless people with homes or cars decorated with lime green ribbons who pray for Lydia, and to our nation that Harold Albrecht invited to pray for Lydia, your prayers are being answered!  Our prayers are being answered by a faithful and loving God.  Lydia is progressing steadily right now  - rapidly compared to what we have seen in the past.  She is learning new things every day.  There is much joy and celebration with her daily progress.
Today she learned to blow bubbles in the pool water, and to scull to keep her balance in the water.  In Physio therapy, she learned to  crawl on her knees.  Crawling is not something she has been comfortable with before because it requires bent legs, and she prefers straight legs.  She is learning to bend: bend when standing and when sitting, bend to sit cross legged.  The therapy goal for this week is to lengthen and stretch her heel cords, to better facilitate bending, standing and walking. 
Lydia also worked with blocks today, counting, identifying colours, and building with them.  She is also learning to take care of dressing herself.  This requires great assistance, but it is a start.
We will keep praying, and keep asking for God to fully heal and restore Lydia.  One of the beautiful parts of this journey, is that we share it with so many.  We know that you will keep praying with us.  Together, we are joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer.