Friday, August 31, 2012

As students go to our local schools to see the class lists that will be posted this weekend, Lydia’s name will appear on one of the lists.  This may cause some to wonder if this is an oversight, or if Lydia will be returning to school.  Lydia is enrolled in grade 8 at Baden Public School, and hopefully, she will be able to return to school some time in 2013.  There is a school at Holland Bloorview for BIRT (Brain Injury Rehabilitation Team) patients, and Lydia will begin there on Tuesday.  Classes are small, with individualized instruction and breaks for therapy or rest, as needed. 
When Lydia’s rehabilitation is moved to home, she will be tutored and educated at home.  When she is able, she will begin to attend Baden Public School for short time periods a couple of times a week, accompanied by a therapy support worker.  Or she may not get to Baden Public School for this school year, but perhaps to Waterloo Oxford the following year.  We do not know how fast she will progress academically.    We do know that school is a place that Lydia loved, and we are sure she will be excited, when she is able to return.

Lydia is home for the long weekend with us, and we are delighted to be together again.  She has been witty, fun, and happy all day.  She continues to enjoy the water, and today expressed interest in swimming.  While supported at her trunk, she vigorously went about kicking her legs and moving her arms!  We have not seen her do this before.  She is determined and it helps.  She is making great gains.  S.S.L.!  Stay Strong Lydia!

1 Thessalonians 5:18  Give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus.  

We are thankful for family swims, for dinner together on the deck, for Lydia's voice, and for the increasingly strong hugs that Lydia can give in return.