Saturday, August 11, 2012

We have had a wonderful day with Lydia at home.  She had great smiles and giggles for friends, and she worked very hard in therapy this afternoon.
This evening, friends from Lydia's soccer team, the Wilmot Avatars, brought her a silver medal that their team had won in their soccer tournament today.  The team has been so supportive of Lydia, even though she was only at a few practices before May 17.  Her team has played with their hearts for her all season long.  They all wear lime green shoelaces in their soccer shoes, and they entwine green into their blue hair bands.  For the tournament today, they face painted L H on each cheek, and a green ribbon on their foreheads.  Thank you Wilmot Avatars, for your spirit and love!  This soccer team typifies the support we receive from our community.  Thank you for celebrating with us as we enjoy our weekend at home with Lydia.