Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Today in Physio therapy, Lydia worked to sit cross legged - criss cross apple sauce!  She, or her body, rather, prefer extensor tone, so it is hard to have her bend her legs when she is sitting on the floor.  She prefers to be stretched out.  She was not comfortable sitting cross legged, or legs bent to either side.  She responded with furrowed brow, facial contortions and silent, dry tears.  She is gaining strength, so it is hard for her therapists to hold her in this position when she pushes back.  They need to try to help her body to break her extensor tone, so they hold her to these positions.
We had some more commode success today, so that was encouraging!
As well, eating small amounts of pureed foods continues to go well, so the dietician has permitted a decrease in her formula, to allow for more oral intake.  We are grateful for this progress.  She may yet get to taste Dad's sweet corn this fall!  (Pureed, that is!)
If we were to talk coma, in the way that I understood coma, I would say that Lydia is emerging.  She often has a bright sparkle in her eyes, and a knowing grin.  We see glimpses of the Lydia we know and love, and long to have her back.  She is often responsive to familiar faces: her brothers and cousins can almost always make her smile, or laugh.  Sometimes she can look at your with such depth, that you feel she really sees you and knows you.  For these moments, we give thanks.  We are learning that a lot can be communicated with eyes.  Words aren't always necessary.
Lydia still has many periods of vacancy, or less conscious awareness.  As she recovers more cognitive function, these periods will become fewer and briefer.
Psalm 16:11 You will show me the path of life.  In Your presence is fullness of joy.
Lydia is often joyful, and we count this demeanor a gift.  Perhaps she is joyful, because she is in the full presence of God.  She is not with us on a cognitive level, so we wonder if she is with God, and therefore has a fullness of His joy.  May it be so.