Friday, August 17, 2012


"Home" - what a beautiful word; and a special place to welcome our girl to today.  Lydia had her therapy sessions scheduled to be completed by noon, so that we could be on the road in good time.  Lydia travels buckled into her wheelchair, and her wheel chair buckled into a transportation van, with a driver.  The passenger travelling home with Lydia sits next to her in a car seat, and can care for her needs.  
Today in Occupational Therapy, Lydia had her name spelled out with magnetic letters.  Then the letters were rearranged, and she was asked to put them in order.  She did so - with great concentration, and some physical difficulty, as it requires finer motor skill to manipulate the letters than she regularly uses.  But she knew the letters, and how to spell her name!  The therapist then gave her the four letters needed to spell the word home, and with some help, she could do it!  She was also able to sort coloured shapes by colour and shape. In addition she is starting to nod for yes and shake her head for no.
At home, her brothers were amazed to see her so bright - they kept asking for props, high 5's, low 5's and hand shakes!
Lydia is joyful.  She smiles, and smiles some more.  At bed time, she would drift off to sleep, then stir, see her dad sitting beside her, smile, and then close her eyes again.  We are so thankful for this gift of joy.
We also thank God for the healing He is doing in her.  It seems like the last few days, Lydia has not inched along, but leapt forward each day.  She enjoyed learning hurdles this spring for track and field, so maybe she is just finding her stride, and learning to clear the obstacles in her path.  May it be so.