Sunday, August 19, 2012

We are beginning to understand a bit more of Lydia's journey from her perspective, now that some communication is possible.  It is as if she was asleep for most of the three months. She shakes her head "no" when asked if she remembers her cousins visiting her at the hospital.  She is so joyful - happily sitting in her wheelchair while her cousins climb and play in the tree, just off the deck.  Her smile seldom leaves her face.  Even when we are doing very painful heel cord stretches, she is still positive.
We have invited a few of Lydia's friends to come to visit her, and she has responded with joy.  One friend's dad emailed us to share his daughters thoughts on the visit:

Her 5-minute explanation (with no commas, periods or breaths) clearly told me how Joyful it was to see Lydia!!!   She said she would replace any Christmas morning with her visit with Lydia today!   Also, she was singing a camp song called " And I ... LOVE Jesus" and Lydia did an action (pointing up to God) that goes with the song!   Wow!  We are joyfully praising God for his many blessings today.
God knows the plans He has for her...
We are praising God for so much, and leaning on Him for so much more!

And so are we!  I noticed  again today, the scripture verse that James had put on a sticky note, on our computer screen:
Psalm 27:13  I am still confident of this: I will see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living. 
Yes,all our hope and confidence is in Him.  He is abundantly able to do much more than we ask; and exceeding faithful in all of His ways.