Monday, August 13, 2012

Last week, I learned from a woman whom I was talking with, that each of her children is praying for something specific for Lydia.  Her son is praying specifically that Lydia will be able to eat Christmas dinner.  A man from our church, is specifically praying that Lydia will recover her sense of taste and smell so that she can savour and enjoy food and aromas again.  I am happy to report that we believe these prayers are being answered!
Lydia has made great gains in her eating in the past two weeks.  Her feed (Peptamen formula) schedule has been changed so that she is no longer fed formula through her G tube every 4 hours.  She now gets her feed just four times a day.  Today, we returned to Holland Bloorview to hear that a plate of pureed food would be available for her for breakfast, lunch and supper.  At lunch, she was given pureed rice, vegetarian chili, and squash.  She ate almost half of the plate!  So she only needed half of her formula at noon.  Supper was a plate of pureed beef, carrots, potatoes, and gravy.  She ate almost the entire portion!  What amazing progress today!  She seemed to really enjoy the tastes, and she didn't tire too much while eating.  Thank you for these specific prayers!
Our team meeting went well today.  Lydia's therapy team was pleased with the progress she is making, and said she is very dynamic right now - always changing and learning more.
Thank you for praying for Lydia, and cheering her on in her recovery.  She is very healthy (when one considers that she has a traumatic brain injury) and she is medically very stable.  We continue to pray that she will regain full cognitive function.
Now to Him who is able to do, immeasurably more, than all we ask or imagine, according to His power, that is at work within us.  To Him be the glory in Christ.