Sunday, June 3, 2012

Breathing on her own

Over all, Lydia has done well today. The hours immediately after her extubation (the removal of her breathing tube) were the most anxious for us in the last two weeks, as we watched her labouring to breathe. Initially, she did a lot of abdominal breathing, and by this evening, that has lessened considerably. Nurse Grandma reported that Lydie was doing better this evening than she expected. The great relief came this evening when the Doctor wheeled the ventilator cart out of the room, indicating they did not think they would need to intubate Lydia to assist her breathing again.
Walking by faith is hardest when we fix our eyes on what we see, rather than on the One who is all powerful and all loving. Today we prayed a lot and invited others to pray for Lydia and for us.
It has been a week full of small but steady steps in the path of healing. Thank you Lord, for your provision along the way; and thank you friends, for your prayers.
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