Thursday, June 14, 2012

The goal of 5C is rehabilitation, so Lydia's days are full of activity and then, rest.  She has a sling and mechanical transporter that is used to lift her from her bed into a wheel chair.  She sat in her chair for over two hours, and the highlight was a trip outside into the sunshine - for her first time in 4 weeks.  Her eyes were open as we went, a rare but increasingly frequent occurrence.  Her eyes are open, but not focusing.  To protect her eyes from the sunshine, I put James' sunglasses on her.  Catherine joked with Lydia that she looked like a cool dude, relaxing in the sun!  Lydia gave us a broad smile – her toothy grin that she is known for!  It is the first smile I have seen.  How it blessed my heart!  She had other smiles today, for the charge nurse, and for another funny story.  Lord, how we love that the first part of Lydia that you are returning to us, is her smile.  Thank you, thank you!

In Lydia's therapy session, she explored tastes today, to see if she could get her lips to move, and to encourage her to swallow.  She was offered the choice of strawberries or Smarties.  She chose the strawberries!  A choice that delighted us, as they were berries brought from home.  She smelled them.  We rubbed the juicy cut side of a berry around her lips.  She seemed to enjoy this sensory exploration.

Tonight I was able to snuggle with Lydia in her bed;  something we would do every night at home before bed, something soothing to this mother's heart.  We delight in the gifts of today.