Wednesday, June 6, 2012

frolicing calves!

After sharing Malachi 4:2, which promises healing, and going out and frolicing like well-fed calves,I queried last week what that might look like.  I received the following response from a friend who grew up on a dairy farm:  
"It is hilarious to watch.  In the early spring or late fall when the weather is a little too brisk, the calves get frisky.  Generally, cows are pretty docile creatures, even calves.  They will do a little bounce, land on stiff front legs and fly their rear end up higher than you can imagine and swing it to the side in the air, landing on all fours.  (Think bucking bronco but with the spirit and litheness of youth.)  When they land, they may repeat this dance a few times, then suddenly jump into the air, almost straight up.  Upon landing, they take off like a rocket.  It is awesome to see.
Contrast this image to almost three weeks of stillness for our dear Lydie bug, who is usually very active.  We ask God for complete healing for her in this time of rest, so that she may go out and bounce on the trampoline, practice her Russian split jumps, play soccer, hike in the bush and race up the hill to the cabin.  We miss her highly animated presence at dinner, dancing around the kitchen, crawling in to Dad's lap and purposefully obstructing him from eating his dessert, and telling us about her days events.  For this fullness of life, we ask the sun of righteousness to rise on our sweet Lydie, with healing in its rays.  Come Lord Jesus, come.
Thank you for joining us in this petition.