Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Yesterday, Lydia had an MRI, to give her medical team a more recent picture of her brain There was not an anethetist present for this, and Lydia was not sedated, consequently, she moved too much for them to get a concrete resolution. They intended to repeat the MRI today, only with an anethetist present. They stopped feeding her at midnight, so that she would be ready for any MRI opening. As she didn't have a set appointment time, it would be done whenever the machine was available. She waited all day, no doubt hungry, as she had been used to continuous feeds. She was therefore sleepy and unresponsive. When it became evident that the MRI could not be done today, they reinserted her feeding tube and began feeding her. She is now on bolus feeds, which means that she will be fed larger amounts, six times daily, rather than continuous feeds. Over time, they will wean her down to three larger feeds. One more small step closer to normal routines. They will try to do the MRI again tomorrow.

James was with Lydia today, and of course, he would have loved a smile, or some purposeful movement, but Lydia was too tired, and she slept a lot. She is our sleeper!

We are hopeful for Lydia's recovery. Along with many of you, we trust her to our God, who is faithful.

Romans 12:12 Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer.

Joy returned to me today, as I looked back on all that we had been carried through, and thanked the Lord for his abundant presence with us, and His provision for our family. I have started a list of the mercies we have experienced in this journey. Just today, one neighbour did our laundry while another one cut the grass. A young mom in our church made us dinner, and a box of individual meals for us to have at the hospital arrived. We receive the generosity of our God in these things, and in the emails, texts and notes sent from friends and strangers. As our community has drawn together in prayer and faith, it has moved us deeply. Truly, the body of Christ, is beautiful.

As I write this, Lydia is sleeping soundly, covered in a bright lime green quilt, made expressly for her. Sweet dreams, Lydie bug.