Friday, June 15, 2012

Lydia has brand new lime green casts on both of her legs, from toes to knees!  If she were at school, she would love for her friends to all sign them!  No, she has no fractures in her legs, these casts are to help her feet to be flexed, or at a ninety degree angle, so that when the time comes, she will be able to stand, and not have muscles that have drastically contracted, and thus impede her from standing.  Without the casts, Lydia's toes are almost always pointed.  This is part of the muscle contractions that happen in a coma.  Yes, she is still in her cocoon/coma.  Her smiles are wonderful indications that she is hearing and responding from her coma, even though it is in a delayed manner.  As her coma becomes lighter, we hope that she will be able to more consistently, respond. 
One small item of progress to report on and give thanks for: Lydia had a blod clot in her right arm, around the bicep area, and it has dissipated.  They monitored it with ultrasounds, but did not want to give her any blood thinner medication, lest it cause more bleeding in her brain.  Healing is happening, bits at a time.

Lydia will have the MRI this afternoon, and they will be able to assess her brain, and see if the neck collar that she wears, can be removed.  The neck collar provides support, and has been on since the accident, because of fluid at the base of the spine that was seen in an earlier MRI.
We are thankful for many gifts: the gift of family, friends, and community to care for Lydia and us, in this time.  After attending the funeral of a dear friend this morning, and celebrating her life, we remember the precious gift of life that God has given to each of us.  Cherish it and the Giver.