Friday, June 8, 2012

Today was another restful day for Lydia, yet one that was full of activity for her and around her. We have been meeting and getting to know her new medical team in Neurology at Sick Kids Hospital. Much more rehabilitation will be given to Lydia on this floor. I was amazed just today at the number of things a person in a coma can do! Lydia had a shower this morning on the shower bed. She then had physio for her arms and legs. This afternoon, the Physio therapists had her held up into a sitting position for about 5 minutes. Her eyes were minimally open for this, but not responsive. Still, it was beautiful to see our girl sitting up, and to see her cared for by such compassionate professionals.
Many of you will have seen the youtube photo slideshow that Lydia's good friend created. The photos are powerful. I cry every time I watch it. The lyrics to the accompanying Chris Tomlin song, Faithful, are even more powerful. I rest in them today. God is working in hidden places that I can't see. I know that I can trust his faithfulness. He holds my fragile soul, with great tenderness. He holds it today, and tomorrow. He is always there.
Faithful, forever you are faithful, lover of the wounded heart.
You defend the poor and the forgotten. You are faithful God.
I will sing to the maker of heaven and earth.
God you reign, forever, and your love will endure.
Faithful and true is the name of the Lord. You are faithful God.

Faithful, forever you are faithful, shelter for the fragile soul.
You lift us up and hold us all together.
You are there, in every season of my soul.
You are there, you 're the anchor that holds.
You are there, in the valley of the shadows.
You are faithful God.