Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Details for Thursday

Today our MP, Harold Albrecht, spoke in parliament, thanking Canadians for their prayers for Lydia.  We appreciated his update to our nation.

Every day Lydia asks when is the green ribbon waving?  (or the wibbon rave, when it is mispronounced!)  She always exclaims "yeah!" after we tell her it is on Thursday at 5:00.  She is aware that she is not remembering, and apologizes before asking.  In general, we have seen slips in her short term memory in the last week.
We, too, are excited, to welcome you to our farm; to  stand with you and celebrate our hope, as these tattered, weathered ribbons are waved; to proclaim our faith in God through the prayers we have collectively uttered, and His gracious and breathtaking response to them; and to gather as a community who has so lovingly cared for us, and supported us in this long road that has lead to home.  Thank you.
Lydia wants to walk down the lane, as much as she can. The well decorated golf cart will follow behind, and give her breaks when she needs them. The boys are vying to be the drivers, but we will delegate this task to a family member with a license!
We will have some orange vested parking attendants to help answer any questions, or assist you with parking on Thursday.  Please park only in the parking lot, or on the south side of Erb's Road.  The fields are too wet to allow for parking in them.  Please consider car pooling, or making a drop off at our farm, and then parking at one of the many plazas in West Waterloo.  It is 1.5 km from Ira Needles Blvd. to our farm.  Police will be present to help keep traffic flowing smoothly, and to promote safety.
Visitors to our farm often exclaim how windy it is out here!  We are not sheltered, like in town, so dress warmly, as the wind really blows!
We thank you, in advance, for coming to celebrate this milestone in Lydia's recovery:  that she is at home with us, and that she has recovered so much already!  We invite your continued prayers for her therapy and recovery at home.

We have a great Lydia laugh to share with you!
Her speech language therapist, was working with her on defining words with multiple meanings.  They were talking about different meanings for the word duck.  Lydia talked about the ducks that swim on the pond, and the ducks that quack, and the ducks that waddle ... but she was stuck.  She couldn't think of any other meanings for duck.  Her therapist said, "Suppose I throw the ball, right at your head!  You'd ____________!"  Lydia eagerly replied, "I'd head it!"  So to her soccer team that is gathering on Thursday, don't toss a ball at Lydia, or she might head it into the crowd!