Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Today, we took the Teddy Bears that Lydia had received at Sick Kids, and gave them a thorough washing, and then hung them in the sunshine to dry.  To say they smelled like a hospital, is putting it nicely!  These bears were used extensively at Sick Kids!  At times, Lydia's hands,which she tended to grip into fists, were pried open, and a bears leg or arm was inserted, to alleviate pressure and/or potential cuts in her palms from her fingernails.  At other times, they were used to prop her head up, as she could not hold it on her own; or they were put under elbows, like pillows, to prevent bed sores.  She never snuggled or enjoyed them, like most children would a plush toy, but they contributed to her recovery.  One of the nurses put a Sick Kids "Lydia" identification wrist band around each bear's neck, lest it got swept up with the linens and taken to the laundry.  They still wear these identification bands, and as we looked at them today, it was again with gratitude, for how far Lydia has come.  Much healing has happened, and much more is yet to come.