Sunday, October 14, 2012

Lydia seems to be over her growth spurt, or her rather excessive need for food and sleep!  The last two days, she has had a moderate appetite, and has only rested a few times during the day, but has not slept.  She has been bright, happy and alert.
This morning, after weeks of requesting it, we took her to church with us, for about half an hour.  She joined the youth for their worship time, then she went to the car and rested with James, until the boys and I joined them.  When I asked Lydia why she wanted to go to church, she simply said "to worship Jesus".  Her response was matter of fact, but her insistence on going was strong.  At breakfast, she shouted out gleefully, like a preschooler, "Yeah!  I can go to church today!"
This evening, James and I were able to go out together on a date, to a concert for Hidden Acres Camp.  The music was beautiful!  At one point, the audience was participating in a rousing version of "This Little Light of Mine", and I thought of Lydia, and how she is shining her light.  Sometimes her eyes just sparkle.  One time we told her this, and she replied: "It is Jesus' light shining in me".  We are increasingly aware that she has had a deep and beautiful journey with Jesus.  He has become central to her life.  He was there before, but perhaps on the sidelines, mixed in with other activities, and interests.  Now, He is central to her thoughts, her gratitude, her joy.  We pray that He may always be so - that as she heals, recovers and regains more activity and more interests, that she will continue to walk intimately with him.
Lest you think that Lydia is all angelic, we will share a funny moments.  She has started to say, "duh".  Yes, in that full attitudinal voice of a teen or preteen!  As if to say, "don't you know this?  It is so obvious!"  Tonight as I was trying to help her to wash her hands, I had the faucet on and the hand soap ready to pump into our hands, and she shouted "Mommy!  Pull up my sleeves!"  Now Lydia's speech is slurred and sometimes very hard to understand.  I didn't understand - even after a few attempts.  In frustration, she finally shouted, one word at a time: "Please-pull-up-my-sleeves!  Duh, Mommy!"  I finally understood, and could only laugh and apologize.  Thankfully she laughed too.  (We will have to maintain our diligence in teaching the lesson that "duh" is unacceptable language to use! )
With gratitude and joy in our hearts, we retire for another night.