Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Lydia worked hard in her therapies and school today, but in between, she continued to struggle with wanting to be at home, even though James was with her all day.  Reminiscent of preschool days, we have her printing and her typing on our fridge.  Both are improving.  Her hand (specifically her right hand has been weaker, and more shaky, as she was hit on her right side.  They call it right side neglect.) is steadying.  She was able to copy two short sentences legibly, and to type some short sentences of her own.
We are not sure that Fatso will make it out of his coccoon.  He should have emerged after 9-12 days, but he hasn't yet.  At first, it reminded me of the memorable comment that an ICU doctor made of Lydia, back in late May, that she is not "progressing as well as they would like to see".  That comment was devastating.  We took it to God, and asked Him to work in His time.  And He faithfully showed us that He had his own timetable for Lydia, and His plans for her would be accomplished in His time.  We needed to relinquish our need for control, and let Him "take the wheel" and set the pace.  As I've pondered Fatso, stuck in his cocoon, I wondered if the same were true of  Fatso - if he simply was not progressing as other pupa, and that we just need to wait for his time.  Perhaps it is still true.  Or perhaps Fatso may not make it out of his coccoon.  (Quite possible, as we moved the milkweed many times to show Fatso to friends and family, and read afterwards that it should not be moved!) 

Christy Nockel's album Into the Glorious, continues to inspire us to worship.
How I Love You I am leaning
On You Jesus
With all my longing
Laid before you now
And all I've needed
Is You Jesus
And all my wanting
You satisfied somehow
There is no higher worth
In all the earth
But to love You
How I love You
No greater call
No life at all
But to love You
How I love You
You're my desire
Purify me
'Till I burn for you alone