Saturday, October 20, 2012

We have noticed Lydia using her left hand more often, to eat, to drink, to brush her hair. This is understandable, as her right hand shakes and hinders performance, but she needs to regain muscular control, as she is right handed. Yesterday her PT suggested that Lydia wear a mitten on her left hand at meal times, and wear a weighted sock tied around her wrist on her right hand. The small amount of weight ( a handful of pennies) provides some stability for her hand. We have done this, today, and sometimes it has frustrated Lydia, but she has kept at it, trying to tame her right hand to do what she wants it to do. Recovering and relearning is hard work. We have great respect for our little warrior butterfly! (a title given to Lydia in another blog) This morning, Lydia admired my cross necklace, and asked me when I got it. I told her I had got it when I was 18, when Jesus became central to my life. Then she asked, "Can I get a cross necklace too? Jesus is the most important to me right now." I smiled and agreed with her. Wow! How she is being made new! My gold cross necklace sat in my jewellery box, relegated to the under layer, in a time, years ago, maybe even a decade ago, when it was fashionable to wear a cross, and I rebelled against the fashion by putting mine away. I didn't want to wear it as a fashion symbol. I wear my cross to remind me that Jesus died on the cross for me. It is a symbol full of love and meaning. I disagreed with it becoming some trendy symbol, void of meaning. Too many claimed to believe in Jesus, but their words and actions contradicted this truth. So my cross necklace set in my jewellery box for a long time. I pulled it out of my jewellery box shortly after the accident, and began wearing it again. I found comfort in wearing it, in holding onto the wonderous love of Christ, and His all sufficient sacrifice for me. In those days, when every breath was a prayer to Jesus to save Lydia, and restore her to us, the cross again was my symbol of hope. I have worn it regularly since then. I cling to the One who died for me, and in his resurrection power, I live.