Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Today has been a wonderful day with Lydia at home.  She is becoming more aware, and is thinking and processing a lot.  Ocassionally we see her sense of humour returning, and she is able to make a quick remark.
On the weekend, there were a couple of nights when she was awake a lot during the night.  Since she sleeps on a mattress on the floor in our bedroom, we were not appreciative of her night time alertness and processing.  She just couldn't turn her mind off.  She seemed to be reviewing all she knew.  For example, she would say " Ali is my cousin, and her younger sister is Josie.  Their parents are ...."  she would specify grades or ages of people, birth order, and other "stats".  At other times, she was remembering things that had happened that day, or in previous days.  (Her short term memory is improving!)  And other times, she was simply praying outloud.  In between all of this, she was requesting food!
Lydia has had a sore ankle and knee for the past few days.  These muscular pains are caused by the way in which she stands, walks and moves, still in an extensor tone, due to her injuries.  She is still on baclofen, a muscle relaxant, to try to help with this.  She is hyper-extending her knee, and pronating her foot, causing her pain.  Her PT taped her up today, and that has helped.  She looks like an Olympic athlete, with turquoise kin tape on her shoulder, knee and ankle.  She dreams of running,  and hopes to play soccer next year.  At times, she is aware of her limitations, and she mourns them.  Other times, she is content, and at peace with where she is at.   Today was a contented day.

Lydia is beginning to show us more glimpses of the intimate journey she has been on with Jesus.  This morning she said, "It's not about me.  I used to think it is about me, but it's not."  When I asked her "What is it about then?"  She looked at me, as if I should know the answer, and said "It's about Jesus!"  Yes, it is.  Yesterday, after leaving Holland Bloorview, she said that she feels sad for the people there, and that she will pray for them.  She does.  She prays a lot more, with such a trusting heart, and a complete confidence that her prayers are heard. We love you Lydia!