Friday, October 26, 2012

Lydia has had a happy day today.  She challenged herself at the gym this morning, and cycled for 8 minutes and then swam 10 laps.  On Friday mornings, she has music therapy, and she loves to listen to classical music, learn about composers, and relearn how to play the piano.  She is very eager to pick up the flute again, but that may need to wait a little while.
This evening, we went to the arena for part of her brother's hockey game.  We were touched to see that the opposing team, Woolwich, taped their sticks lime green for the game.  Thank you Woolwich for your show of support.  (I grew up in Elmira, and my parents are still there.)
 Earlier this week, when Lydia was at KidsAbility, we went to her favourite store at Conestoga Mall afterwards.  Lydia had been asking to go for a couple of weeks, but we held off, thinking the experience would be too overwhelming.   Upon entering the store, the music was so loud, she was irritated.  We asked the manager if it could be turned down.  She obliged, minimally.  We wheeled Lydia around the store, and she saw some things she liked, and tried them on.  Low cut V necks, received a "that's too revealing" from Lydia.  Other shirts were equally less modest, and were put in the reject pile.  She did decide on a pair of winter weight leggings.  We made our purchase and left the mall directly.  Lydia rested in the car on the return home.
At lunch, I said to Lydia, "so you've been waiting for a while to get to your favourite store.  How was it?"  She replied, "It was ok.  It wasn't great.  Jesus is great."  Then she lifted her head and smiled to heaven and was silent for a few moments.  Once again, we were silent and felt the divine presence.
How much we can learn from Lydia.