Friday, October 19, 2012

We have heard our Nov. 1 welcome home ribbon waving referred to as a party, a celebration and a parade! In spirit,it will be all of these things, but not in reality. It will be simple. We would love to have a grand party, serve hot chocolate and short bread (favourites for Lydia), and invite you all to visit with one another and with our family; but truth be told, this is not at all possible. Lydia fatigues very easily. We would not want to overwhelm her, or risk a set back. As it is, the experience of seeing so many friends and supporters waving their ribbons, will be abundantly stimulating! (We pray in a wonderfully memorable way, and not in one that is detrimental to her recovery.) The plan is simply to have friends line our lane with their green ribbons, and for Lydia to walk or ride in the golf cart, from our Market parking lot, to our home. She will not be able to stop and talk, or exchange hugs. She will be able to smile, and say thank you. Parking will be in our Farm Market parking lot, on the grass strip along the lane, if it is not too wet, and if need be, on the newly paved south shoulder of Erb's Road. Please do not park on the north side, and cross the street to our parking lot. Erb's Road is a busy road, with an 80km/hr speed limit. Let's keep everyone safe! The green ribbons began as a symbol of support to remind our community to pray for Lydia. So many of you have prayed for Lydia. Thank you. "Stay Strong Lydia!" these ribbons say! God has strengthened and healed Lydia, by His grace, and at His pace. We celebrate His work. These tattered ribbons renew our hope and faith, and have regularly reminded us that we do not stand alone. Thank you for standing with us.