Thursday, October 4, 2012

Waving Lime Green Ribbons

Lydia's difficult week at Holland Bloorview continued today.  She is truly homesick.  Any mention of home, and she cries.  We are working to bring her home earlier than her planned discharge of mid November.  We have seen that she does very well at home, and we are fortunate to have a team in place to continue her therapy here.  We have connected with some educators who can "home school" her, and she will have music therapy weekly at home too.  Everything is coming together to have our girl home!  The boys are excited about this as well.
For a couple months now, we have been dreaming of a home coming for Lydia.  It is a simple, yet inspiring dream for us.  We imagine a day when we can invite our community, that has so wonderfully supported us, to take their lime green ribbons off their mailboxes, trees, lamp or porch posts, and bring them to line our lane way, and wave them for Lydia, as she returns home from Holland Bloorview for the last time.  What a moving display of encouragement that will be!
Lydia is beginning to be able to appreciate the many signs of support we see in the countryside around home.   She sees the green ribbons and know that they mean "pray for me", as she says.   We have also begun to read with Lydia the many cards, posters and notes that she has received.  (We read them to her as we received them, but understandably, she has no memory of them.)  She is also understanding that the blankets that cover her, were made for her, by loving hands and caring hearts.  As her cognition improves, she is able to grasp the vast circle of support that surrounds her.