Sunday, October 21, 2012

With Lydia home all of the time now, we have been able to arrange her therapy schedule so that she does not have therapy on Sundays. We are thankful to be at this spot where Lydia can receive the help she needs Monday through Saturday, and have Sunday as a family day, and a break from hard work. We went to church for a short time this morning, saw cousins this morning, took in part in a hockey game this afternoon, and visited with friends this evening. We also attended the first 30 minutes of vibrant song and dance performed by the African Children's Choir, at the St. Agatha Catholic Church tonight. As we made our way to our seats, so kindly reserved for us, applause for Lydia began from community members. It was a memorable moment for Lydia and for us. It has been a full day, and even with rests throughout the day, Lydia was exhausted at bedtime. Lydia recently received the book Star Quality: 50 Waterloo Oxford Students who Soared. We began reading a profile today, and talking about the tremendous obstacles this student had to overcome. This student also required a feeding tube at one time, so Lydia made a connection with her. Tonight when we were snuggled into bed together, she whispered, "When I get to high school, I want to be one of those people who inspire others." God, bless our daughter's sweet, unassuming heart, that does not recognize that her determination, courage and faith already inspire us and many others.