Monday, October 29, 2012

Lydia has had a good attitude towards her therapy today, and has done well.  We rested well yesterday and this morning too.  She loves being at home, and who wouldn't, with a younger brother who sets the dinner table, with creative center pieces, like this one below?

We are thankful for:
all of our voices joined together in singing grace around the dinner table;
love expressed by a younger brother who has had a harder time connecting with his "new" sister;
a younger brother who cares for his older sister by blow drying her hair, or helping her walk, or eat;
Daddy playing his guitar, and singing worship songs with us;
a warm house to shelter us from the storm.
One friend requested I get the blog out early tonight, in case the power goes out!  So I worked on it after dinner, and when Lydia saw it, she wanted to add her own message.  She typed it herself:

hi everyone!