Saturday, October 6, 2012

Lydia is recovering.  We know this because she asked to wear her skinny jeans!  Until now, she has been in yoga pants or track pants for therapy.  This weekend, she wanted her skinny jeans.  She also asked when we could go shopping!  She has asked repeatedly!  (Either she can't remember asking, or she really wants to go!)
James will want to take her shoe shopping, when she is able to wear something other than high tops.  His memories of their conversation, while waiting for the bus on the morning of May 17, were of Lydia telling him about her shoe shopping experience the previous evening: why she had chosen the shoes she had, and not others.  (Every father of a teenager can, no doubt, imagine the vivid descriptions of all the shoes she tried on and considered, but did not purchase!) James has carried those shoes with him on every trip to Sick Kids and Bloorview this summer and fall. They were returned to him after being retrieved at the accident scene. They represent a tangible reminder of his and Lydia's last pre-accident conversation.
Today Lydia has been very tired.   We may have lost count, but we think she had 6 naps throughout the day.  A nap ranges in length from 15 to 70 minutes.  Perhaps all of the emotion of this past week has made her very tired.  She is learning to say when she is tired and needs to rest.  We encourage her in this, as her brain requires a lot of rest, in all of the work it is doing to rewire.